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Swing into the Spring school holidays

We're beyond thrilled to launch our next school holiday workshop series 'Swing into Spring' for 5 to 9 year olds.

Registrations are now open for our 6 days of workshops;

September 26 - B-Boys & B-Girls

September 27 - Kids in Space

September 28 - POPstars

October 3 - Rockstars

October 4 - Counting the Beat

October 5 - Superheroes

You'll get to sing, dance, act, and more in our full day workshops which will feature; arts and crafts, heaps of playtime, and an 8:45am early drop off option.

Places are strictly limited so sign up now in our Registration Portal.

B-Boys and B-Girls it’s time to be easy and drop science at Kidko’s School Holiday Workshops. Learn to throw some killer shapes and bust some ill moves, in our special hip hop and breaking workshop. So slide on your sickest kicks, and drop that phat beat all the way to Kidko.

Kids in Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Kidko in its mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before. Blast off these school holidays as Kidko goes interstellar and journeys to a galaxy far far away.

POPstars; Snap, Crackle, and POP When you just can't stop And the music is all you got This must be, POP! Be your own POPstar idol these school holidays at Kidko.

Rockstars Put another dime in the Jukebox, cos I love Rock ‘n’ Roll. It’s time to unleash your inner Rockstar at Kidko these holidays. So wind your amps up to 11 and bask in the Majesty of Rock.

Counting the Beat Pa ra pa pa pum, it’s time to beat the drum. Count to four or eight, but don’t be late, when Kidko Counts the Beat. The rhythms will astound, when you look around, percussion, pattern, flow, we’ll be pushing the tempo at Kidko Holiday Workshops. It’s all things rhythm and percussive at Count the Beat.

Superheroes Run faster than a speeding bullet, leap over tall buildings in a single bound, and fly through the air as you protect the world from the destruction. Release your heroic side these school holidays at Kidko.

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