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This agreement sets forth the terms and conditions between myself (the undersigned), my child/ren (the participant), Kidko Performing Arts School and Chambers Music (Kidko)



For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, and Policies, the following definitions apply;

1.    Lesson/s: refer to any appointment or booking with Kidko with only 1 or 2 participants or students, these are commonly private music tuition.

2.    Class/es: refer to any enrollment or booking of a scheduled, repeating and ongoing event usually with greater than 2 participants, these are commonly weekly, term based performing arts classes

3.    Workshop/s: refer to any enrolment or booking of a non-repeating, stand alone or finite series of events, these are commonly held during school holidays


        First Term 'Money Back Guarantee'

1.    New students to Kidko are entitled to our 'Money Back Guarantee' for their first term. Our usual 4 week notice period for cancellation will be waived in this first term. A full refund of remaining lessons will be given.

2.    Attendance of first term lessons are still subject to the Kidko Cancellation Policy outlined above

3.    Cancellation of lessons for the 'Money Back Guarantee' must be given with at least 48 hours notice of the next lesson. Kidko must be provided sufficient time to be able re-schedule our teachers reserved time.

4.    The 'Money Back Guarantee' does not apply to any subsequent terms after the first term. Future terms are subject to our normal 4 week cancellation policy, outlined above under 'Kidko Cancellation and Refund Policy'.


        Kidko Application, Placement and Suspension Policy 

1.    In creating a student profile, I am declaring my intent to apply for lessons and  agree to be placed on Kidko's student list and will liable for any costs incurred in the delivery of musical tuition services. 

2.    I agree to give Kidko at least 4 (four) weeks notice, in writing via email, of my intent to suspend or cancel my lessons and/or classes with Kidko for whatever reason.

3.    Lessons and/or classes will be suspended on a case by case situation.

4.    Suspended lessons and/or classes will be eligible for a partial refund of 50% the lesson or class fees to secure your scheduled lesson time/day at Kidko.  

5.    Students are entitled to 1 (one) make up lesson or time added to subsequent lessons, for the first week of a lesson suspension period.

6.    New students must give written notice of 'intent to discontinue', if they wish to no longer secure a lesson time. If I fail to do so, Kidko will assume that I wish to continue my enrollment and I will liable for any costs incurred in the delivery of any musical tuition services.  

7.    All lesson times are allocated/ re-allocated subject to the requirements of overall scheduling,  and at the discretion of Kidko. Lesson times are not 'owned' by the student/family, and there is no guarantee that a lesson time will not change to better suit a greater number of people.

8.   Whilst we always try to have the same teacher for student lessons each week, this is not guaranteed. Where necessary Kidko reserves the right to use a  substitute teacher.


        'During school hours lessons' Student Collection

1.     By agreeing to the 'Terms and conditions', you automatically opt into a student collection agreement with Kidko. You may terminate this agreement at any time by emailing notificiation to kidko.

2.      Students of daytime lessons will be collected from and returned to their individual classrooms.

3.      Parents wishing to opt in to our student collection service from Albert Park Primary School must also complete and sign an Albert Park Primary School authorisation form

4.      Students of after school classes can, by prior arrangement, be collected from a rally point just outside school reception, or in the event of rain, inside next to the school reception.

        Kidko Payment Policy

1.      All tuition fees are payable before the commencement of each term or in the case of one off bookings, prior to the commencement date of said booking.

2.      Only full payment of class, lesson, or workshop will secure a student’s placement.

3.      All purchases with Kidko are final.

4.      Payments for ongoing lessons and classes will be deducted on a term by term basis, with the payments processed at least four (4) weeks prior to the commencement of the Victorian State Government school terms.

5.      Kidko agrees to notify me of any upcoming deductions at least 4 days prior to processing the transaction.

6.      Should I wish to cancel or change any recurring or ongoing payments, I will give notice of my intention to do so in writing at least 1 week prior to any scheduled payment processing date.
7.      Kidko charges a quarterly membership, insurance, and administration fee. I understand that this fee will be charged to my nominated payment method as outlined in point 4.

8.      Kidko charges a per registration administration fee for all AMEB exams. I understand that this fee will be charged to my nominated payment method as outlined in point 4.

9.      All students will require additional music resources/books. You will be notified by us as to which music resources your teacher has recommended. All material will be invoiced prior to ordering with a notice period. 

10.      Payments for one off, or stand-alone bookings will be processed at time of booking or upon approval of booking.

11.      I understand that all Credit and Debit Card payments will incur an additional 0.75% bank fee surcharge. This is the fee imposed  by the bank.

12.      It is my responsibility to notify Kidko of any changes to my credit or debit card details and/or bank account details in writing.

13.      Declined scheduled payments (and declined re-processed payments) may incur a 'declined payment fee' of $10 per transaction to compensate Kidko for bank fees and administration costs. 

14.      If I wish to dispute any amount debited to my credit card, debit card or bank account by Kidko, I will give notice of this to Kidko in writing via email. Kidko will investigate the matter and provide a written response within 5 working days. If required, Kidko will make appropriate adjustments or refer the matter to my financial institution. Additional fees charged by the financial institution will be covered by the party who is responsible for any error.

15.    Kidko will keep my credit or debit card details and/or bank account details confidential and will not use them for purposes other than to debit the amount owing on my account.
Please note that by law Kidko must retain your credit card details and/or bank account details for not less than seven years from the date of the last debit as verification of the authority to debit.


      Kidko Cancellation and Refund Policy for Private/Solo Music       Tuition (Lessons) Cancellation Policy

1.    By signing up to lessons with Kidko I agree that lessons will be ongoing and will only cease upon my request.

2.    Students of lessons must give 4 (four) weeks notification in writing via email of intent to cancel and discontinue any lesson. Refunds will be offered for any paid sessions beyond those 4 (four) weeks. Any ongoing, recurring or auto payments will be cancelled.

3.    I agree to give Kidko at least 48 hours in writing via email, of any foreseen circumstances that would see me miss my or my child’s lesson, this includes but is not limited to, family holidays, school excursions and events, or conflicts with other activities. If practicable and possible, Kidko will endeavour to reschedule this lesson or to distribute the missed time over a number of other lessons. Refunds will not be given.

4.    If a lesson is missed due to sickness or other unforeseen circumstance I will give Kidko as much notice as possible, in writing via email, prior to the lessons commencement date and time. Lessons missed due to unforeseen circumstances are entitled to 1 (one) make up lesson or time added to subsequent lessons within the current term. Scheduled make-up lessons may be with an alternate teacher.

5.    Kidko reserves the right to terminate lessons.

Where possible, Kidko will provide a suitable notice period to allow students to find replacement tuition. During this period, the 4 week cancellation period will still apply and no refunds will be issued.

        Operational Dates and Times

1.    Kidko Classes and Lessons operate as per the Victorian State Government school terms

2.    Lessons and Classes will not operate during school holidays or state and federal public holidays

3.    Kidko workshops will only operate during Victorian State Government school holidays

4.    Kidko lessons for daytime students of Albert Park Primary School, Docklands primary and South Melbourne Park Primary School may have variations in lesson days, these alternative days are to allow accommodations for curriculum days, camps, excursions etc., as scheduled by the school

5.    Ongoing continuation of lessons and classes is assumed unless Kidko is notified, in writing via email, of intent to cease lessons or classes

6.    Kidko will operate all other days unless notified


         Indemnity Release

I indemnify and release Kidko, and their staff and teachers against all costs incurred, expenses and all liabilities whatsoever arising as a result of me or my child/s actions, or teacher or staff instructions during all activities undertaken within Kidko teaching space/s and any performances in collaboration with Kidko that may arise.

I understand that I and my child/ren must follow safety instructions and guidelines for using equipment and resources as Kidko does not accept liability for personal injury.


I understand that Kidko strives to ensure that a high level of safety is maintained at all times. I understand that I, and my child/ren voluntarily participate in any activities undertaken with Kidko. I authorise Kidko to seek appropriate medical attention in the event that I or my child/ren is/are injured. I understand that the classes, lessons, and workshops may be photographed by Kidko for archival and marketing purposes.

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