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Maria Lozano Hernandez




María started learning music when she was 10 years old. As a passionated of music and psychology, she completed her Bachelor Degree with Honours in Classical Music (Oboe Performance) at the Higher Conservatory of Valencia (Spain) and Bachelor of Psychology at the University of Valencia (Spain).

During her years at the conservatory, she studied piano and discovered other musical genres as jazz music. Since she graduated and due to her interest in jazz, she has been learning and practicing this musical language with vocals and oboe. She has been playing in different orchestras and musical ensembles in Spain, Norway and Australia, but also teaching music lessons in Spain and Australia (private lessons and music schools).

As an educator, Maria is very committed with her students and music lessons, organising them as more personalised as possible based on her students preferences and goals. During all these years, she has been teaching music in Spanish and English to all ages students (kids and adults) with different levels and personalities. She always wants her students to gain the most knowledge from her lessons while they have fun and develop important skills for their lives, such as concentration, social skills, confidence, communication, patience, etc. She strongly believes that technique and reading sheet music are really important for the development of a musician, however she always encourages her students to learn other important skills, that includes ear training, rhythmic exercises, preparing auditions/performances, mental training and relaxation techniques, improvisation, playing with other musicians, sightreading sheet music, instrument maintenance, warmup before the practice session, etc.

Maria combines her performance and teaching life while she is in constant learning and being updated with new pedagogical and psychological resources.

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