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Velicia Loura



Velicia Lora Headshot_edited.jpg

Velicia Loura is a Melbourne-based pianist and music educator.

She began instrumental lessons at the age of 7 and since then her love for music has developed into a full-time occupation.

She was born and raised in Indonesia, having been exposed to Indonesian Java Music from school, she loves to play traditional music such as Gamelan and Angklung.

Velicia then pursues her study at Monash University and holds a bachelor’s degree in music performance.

As a teacher, she has worked with a wide range of students and has solid teaching strategies in terms of piano technique, musicality, musicianship, accompanying skills, interpretation, and literature for students from beginners to advanced levels.

For her, teaching and learning are both about exploration, inquiry, and experimentation. She approaches each lesson fully committed to spark a student’s imagination and musical understanding through these principles. The joy in her teaching is seeing students’ ideas develop and being there to guide them each step of the way. She has taught students ages 5 to 60 and has found that at every age, the discovery of how music can communicate and connect people is richly rewarding.

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