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The Cost of Things

As with all things, the cost of running Kidko and Chambers Music has increased. We strive to continue providing our incredibly high level of teaching and tuition while also keeping our prices low and affordable a financial balancing act if you will.

As such we've had to increase the fees of our music lessons. Rest assured, they're not going up by much. Students with 20, 25, and 30 minute lessons will only see a $1 increase to their per lesson fee, longer lessons will see a $1.50 - $2 increase.

The new per lesson fees are as follows;

20 minute - $29.50 per lesson*

25 minute - $37 per lesson*

30 minute - $44 per lesson*

The new prices will come into effect from the start of term 3, 2017. All of our existing and current students will see the new fees reflected in their payments which will be processed on the 10th of July.

There will be no price increases to our group classes or holiday workshops at this time.

*All lessons are payable on a per term basis (or pro rata there off)

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