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Kidko Kinder offers two exciting and educational music classes for 2-3 and 4-5 year olds to discover and explore music in a fun, supportive, and safe environment.


Sharing the joy and pleasure of music through singing, dancing, and playing musical games, Kidko Kinder stimulates the children’s creativity, imagination, self confidence, and self awareness. Our exciting program will introduce them to musical concepts such as beat, rhythm, dynamics, form, and notation. Kidko Kinder is designed to develop the whole child by encouraging cognitive development, listening skills, spatial awareness, and social skills. 

Kidko Kinder for 2-3 year olds welcomes parents to participate alongside their children as they embark on their musical journey. Kidko Kinder for 4-5 year olds encourages independence for the children giving them the space to make their own musical discoveries.

“Music is a more potent instrument than any other for education” - Plato

“Music training… improves cognitive and non-cognitive skills more than twice as much as sports, theatre or dance.” - A Hille & J Schupp

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Fridays - 10.0am-10:40am

2-3 year olds

$20 per class*


Thursdays - 10:00am-10:40am

Multi - age (1-4)

$20 per class*

*All enrolments are for the full school term (or pro-rata remaining in term) and are to be paid in advance.

Please fill out the registration form in full for each child/student.
We will be in touch with you via email, once you have submitted your form, to arrange your lessons and/or classes.

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