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Asier Elias Azpiri



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My musical journey commenced in Spain, where I earned a degree in jazz drumming. Subsequently, I pursued a master's program in education, which further refined my knowledge of effective teaching methods and strategies.


To augment my qualifications, I completed a two-year Master of Music program specializing in jazz drums in The Netherlands.
During my time in The Netherlands, I had the privilege of participating in the New York Jazz Master program at the Prince Claus Conservatory, where I received lessons from acclaimed drummers such as Ari Hoenig and Russel Carter. Notably, these lessons took place in New York City as an integral part of the program's curriculum.

In addition, throughout my two-decade career as a drummer, I have immersed myself in a broad spectrum of musical styles, spanning from rock to jazz, traditional Basque music to reggae, and Cuban music, showcasing my versatility as a drummer.

In my teaching approach, I strive to create an environment where I guide students in mastering the technical aspects of music while empowering them to discover their own solutions.

I firmly believe in nurturing creativity and individuality in each student, fostering an environment where they can explore their full potential as musicians.

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