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Cameron Hayes




Cameron’s whole life has revolved around music, playing guitar since the age of 6, and teaching since 16. After four years of study at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), Cameron completed his Bachelor of Music Degree in Contemporary Music in 2018.

Shortly after completing his studies, Cameron relocated to London (UK) where he worked in many local schools as a guitar tutor, and also as a professional musician working as a sideman/session guitarist for artists around town. He is very passionate about teaching, always seeking to equip students with the technical, theoretical, and performance skills that are needed for them to grow into fine musicians.


Cameron enjoys teaching students in a 1:1 scenario, where he and his student can focus on the intricacies of the task at hand, and also teaching ensembles/large groups where he tutors pupils to play together as a group and to enjoy themselves. Cameron has worked as an instrumental tutor and professional musician in Perth, London and Melbourne connecting with students from all over the globe through sharing his passion for music. His abundance of experience in the music industry from all parts of the world gives him knowledge not only of the instrument at hand, but music in general to pass on to his students.

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